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Cherry Blossoms

By Natalie Campbell

As springtime is upon us and the Cherry Blossoms bloom, so do the fates of the Fellows’ futures. We are deep in the throes of finishing our current jobs well, all the while applying and interviewing for the next ones. In January on our winter retreat, we spent time talking about the current season we are in now - how to prepare, how to work proactively, and how to discern the Lord’s calling.

Now, similar to the early blooms happening these days, many Fellows’ futures are also blooming. Each week there is a new interview scheduled, grad school acceptance, or job opportunity that did not exist before. While peak bloom and peak job acceptances, are still anticipated to be in the weeks to come, the life that is starting now is no less bountiful.

It has been compelling to be amongst my peers for the entirety of this program and watch them navigate the highs and lows of life. Now, standing amongst them as true friends it is deeply exciting to see each one of them succeed in their fields and see God’s glory shine on them.

Earlier in the year when I would think about the job search portion of Fellows, I thought it to be rather daunting. Yet nothing about my future (or any of the other Fellows’ futures) is unknown to the Lord. For He is the gardener of our lives and He is certain as to what seeds He planted in each of us. Like the trees, he knows how we will grow too.

He is certain of our roots - how the stories of our pasts run deep. He is certain of our trunks - how we stand firm in His presence day to day. He is certain of our branches - the ways our lives are changing and moving toward the future. And He is most certain of our blooms – vibrant petals of glory and goodness that will blossom in His perfect time.

Springtime serves as reminder that Christ’s return is certain. As the glory of the Earth returns from winter so will the King return to Earth one day. As the Cherry Blossoms bloom they too serve as a reminder of the promises Christ made to us and our flourishing in Him. As the Fellows lean into these promises navigating what comes next, because of Christ we have certainty that our hope is blooming.

Been waiting on a moment,

waiting on a sign.

Waiting for them to call your

Name and you're next in line.

Waiting for your time to come,

your fifteen minutes in the sun.

So, don't you find it strange?

That God, He made four seasons

and only one spring.

– Chris Renzema


Pictures from the Week

Wind, sunshine, and wine in Purcellville for Catherine's birthday!

Student Ministries Fellows take tacky prom!

Some early Cherry Blossom blooms


Know a Potential Capital Fellow?

UPDATE: The Capital Fellows class for 2023-24 is basically full at this point! We are awaiting one final decision . Praise God! What does this mean? It means we are now in the early, early recruiting of the 2024-25 class. If you know current university juniors, please let them know about the Capital Fellows program. We will begin accepting applications for the 2024-25 class on September 1st.

If you know a college student that should consider joining the Capital Fellows program, please encourage them to get in touch with us. The easiest way to express interest in the program is our Contact Us Form.

About Capital Fellows. Capital Fellows is an advanced leadership and discipleship program for recent college graduates. Through graduate courses, a paid internship, one-on-one mentoring and many leadership and community service opportunities, fellows develop and apply their gifts in real-world situations while learning to integrate a Christian worldview into all areas of life. Capital Fellows is a unique opportunity to live and work in the Washington DC area and to be an active member of a supportive community that seeks to serve the city with the love of Christ. It is also a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience in the workplace while deeply exploring God’s design for us as workers and contributors to human flourishing.


Pray for the Capital Fellows

Thank you for praying for the Capital Fellows each week!

In the weekly gathering of fellows, called Capital Commons, we work through four themes: vocation, servanthood, community, and leadership. As we step into the final theme for the year, leadership, please pray that the fellows will receive the call to lead and respond with willing hearts and hands. Leadership that is selfless (Philippians 2:3) and sacrificial (Romans 12:1) can only be accomplished by the power of the Holy Spirit. May He meet and encourage these fellows as they take their place as leaders at work, in the church, at home, and in society.

Want to pray for the Capital Fellows in an ongoing way? Download this handy prayer guide for your phone or tablet.

Capital Fellows Class Brochure - for Phones
Download PDF • 1.32MB


About The Fellows Initiative

Capital Fellows is part of a network of similar programs across the country. This network is called The Fellows Initiative. There are 34 Fellows programs in TFI, roughly 3,000 alumni living around the world, and more Fellows programs on the way.

If you know a church in the US or Canada that would benefit from joining TFI by launching a new Fellows program. Please contact TFI by visiting their website.


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