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Overwhelming Goodness

by Christina Lewis

The past week has, in traditional fellows-style, been packed full of light adventures as well as weighty conversations about worth and identity. We have gone ice-skating together at an outdoor rink, eaten many meals together (including delicious tacos made by the incomparable Katy Vanderkwaak and Jay Mitchum), worn onesies for evening activities in the youth ministry, been reunited with friends that we tutor at Cornerstone Christian School, and a very special shout out to my friend, Caroline Coleman, who wore a dog costume for a skit our fourth grade girls at church came up with. If you know her personally, I'd ask about that one!

There are moments of beauty and pure enjoyment, and the Capital Fellows experience has been filled with that for me. However, the reality of life on earth is dealing with brokenness in ourselves and in our world. Be comforted by the words Jesus spoke in John 16:33, "in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” 

My heart aches over the troubles experienced in our society today, but let's take heart because we have a God who is immeasurably and overwhelmingly good. I do not understand everything about Him, but that is what makes Him God. His truth is not always easy, but it is always for our good. Additionally, when He finished lovingly creating, He declared that all of His creation was very good. Getting to show kindness to a fellow person and speaking truth to them in love is a way of agreeing with God's word about them. God created each of us in His image, and thus all of mankind has inherent worth and dignity solely on this basis. Finally, because the most worthy Man, Jesus Christ, was willing and humbly gave Himself up for us, we have value. 

If you know Jesus, reach out to those who are hurting and show them selfless kindness. Do not let your heart be hardened as a coping mechanism to avoid the pain of facing brokenness; you are responsible to love and care for those around you. 

To all who are reading, first, know that you are valuable, and that I am sorry for any moments in your life that have caused you to feel unvalued. Know that God, your Creator, is overwhelmingly good even though you (and I) do not understand everything about Him. He is Love itself and a refuge in times of trouble. Finally, know that I am praying for you right now, that God would reach you where you are with His love and with people who love you like He does. 

"Two wonders here that I confess

My worth and my unworthiness My value fixed - my ransom paid At the cross..."   

From "My Worth is Not in What I Own" by Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, and Graham Kendrick

Pictures from the week

Capital Fellows Leadership Development Program
Ice Skating! with some awesome bonus fellows :)

Capital Fellows Leadership Development Program
Evan rocking a onesie. Also, a bonus look into the fellows GroupMe from whence this came.

Capital Fellows Leadership Development Program
Emily and Meekhol also looking super dope.

Capital Fellows Leadership Development Program
Katy and Jay assisted by Caro to bring forth delicious Tacos!!

Capital Fellows Leadership Development Program
Finally, the one you've all been waiting for, Caroline dressed as a dog.

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