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Practicing Servanthood

By Wilson Reynolds

As Capital Fellows, we have been on the receiving end of some dramatic acts of service this year. Our leaders, John Kyle and Sarah Sarsfield, have blessed us by devoting their leadership, energy, and availability to the Fellows. Our host families have shown us hospitality and generosity in remarkable ways during a pandemic year. McLean Presbyterian Church itself has already invested so much into us as individuals by dedicating resources (including wonderful guest speakers) and providing care to us during this season.

As recent college graduates with relatively few resources, we cannot return the favor exactly in kind. Nor should we; these kindnesses are reflections of God's free grace given for us. At the same time, receiving these gifts has been inspirational in terms of the way we can envision future lives within the church. The values of service, sacrifice, and care have been impressed upon us by these experiences, and Lord willing, will define us no matter how much or little we can give.

Practice for these lifetime values has begun within this community of Fellows in service to one another. Each week, several of the fellows are in charge of various aspects of our Monday gathering, taking time out of their busy days to plan worship or organize a meal. Our activities have also required us to practice giving to each other in deep spiritual ways, such as through prayer or counseling. On an informal level, there are so many examples of fellows offering up their time for one another to hang out, despite obligations and the geographical dispersion of the group around Northern Virginia.

We are, however, being challenged by our leaders to think of this as a sort of practice run for our future, full engagement in the church body. Our latest Roundtable series, focusing on the "one another" passages in the New Testament, began with an exercise in which the Fellows discussed potential scenarios that may arise within the context of a church small group. We drew upon our experiences from this year and discussed the implications of these scenarios for each individual in the group. Most importantly, we looked to Scripture for guidance in each unique circumstance. May the Lord continue to draw us primarily to his Word as we experience these firsthand!

Yet this year can't be reduced to just a mere exercise, or a practice run for the "real world." That would severely undervalue the true, genuine servanthood that the Fellows collectively have shown me. We've faced real-life crises together and made it through by God's grace with encouragement from one another. No matter the circumstances, I always feel blessed by their prayers, kind words, and time that they take out of their busy schedules, not just to learn what it means to serve, but simply to serve. By leaning into God’s grace, I hope we can all continue to be faithful to our calling to service, in both its simple and complex forms.


Pictures from the Week

The church after 1.5 inches on Sunday 1/31

Magical monuments in the snow


Become A Capital Fellow in 2021-22

We are now receiving applications for Season 15 of the Capital Fellows program!

The next program year runs from late August 2021 through mid-May 2022. If you are a college senior or recent college graduate - or know someone that is - we would love to hear from you! The Winter Application Deadline is January 15!

Want to learn more before you apply? Join an upcoming informational webinar. Click here for dates and times.


Pray for the Capital Fellows

Thank you for praying for the Capital Fellows each week!

In the spring semester, the fellows will dive into many aspects of identity and relationships. "Who am I?" Is a key question posed to the fellows. This introspection is not only for the purpose of navel-gazing and self-absorption. It's to help them understand themselves better so that they might better understand their need for Christ, their ability to serve others, and their own tendencies in relationships. These can be difficult things to explore, so please pray for the fellows as they dig in. Please also pray for Dr. Bill Clark, who teaches the class that really dives into these topics.

Want to pray for the Capital Fellows throughout the year? Download this handy prayer guide for your phone or tablet.

Capital Fellows Class Brochure - 5x11
Download PD • 675KB


Benefits of The Fellows Initiative

You probably already know that Capital Fellows is one of 30 fellows programs in The Fellows Initiative network. But, did you know that the sponsors of TFI offer great benefits to Capital Fellows alumni? For example, Reformed Theological Seminary offers a 33% tuition discount for 5 years. You can learn more about TFI's sponsors by clicking here. TFI is also sponsored by The Budd Group, the Gordon College Master of Financial Analysis Program, and Regent College in Vancouver.

If you know of a graduate school, seminary, employer, or other organization that would be interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact TFI by clicking here. Thanks!


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