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What Does God Have In Store?

By Caroline Rice

It is crazy to think that at this time last year, I was just about to hear news from John Kyle and Martha Roszak that I was accepted to be a Capital Fellow. What a year it has been! Last year, prior to learning about The Fellows Initiative, I thought I would have been a medical assistant or working in a research lab this year… Little did I know that, as much as I tried to plan out my launch into post-grad, God would ultimately lead me to be a Capital Fellow in D.C. If this past year has taught me anything it is that God’s plans are far greater than we can ever imagine. 

As I anticipate what is to come this spring, I've found that the other fellows are in a similar season of preparation, planning, and trying to figure out where we will all land come May.  Some of us are hearing back from grad schools, a few are interview prepping, others are refining their resumes to be sent out to employers, and a couple of the fellows have locked in acceptances to grad schools. This season evokes a vast assortment of emotions and it can be scary to wonder what each of our futures hold. Nonetheless, I remain steadfast in my faith knowing our future is no mystery to God. As Paul David Tripp expresses in his devotional, New Morning Mercies: “[God] holds both you and your mysteries in his gracious hands, and because he does, you can find rest even when the darkness of mystery has entered your door.”

I pray that my Fellows class can lean on the Lord during this season of uncertainty and decision-making, and find peace in Him.  Pondering what the future holds for each of us brings to mind a verse in Proverbs:

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” - Proverbs 16:9

What a comforting thought that the Lord will ultimately establish our path and guide us! He knows where we will be when May rolls around or what grad school we will attend in August. While we are currently trying to piece together where we will be living and what we will be pursuing next year, I can’t help but get excited about what God has in store for each of us because I know it will be good under His hand.

Additionally, I pray that - amidst this season - we continue to remind ourselves that our identity is not in our work. Our identity is not defined by our job nor is it found in the prestige of the grad school we attend or the company we work for, nor the number of job offers we receive. First and foremost, our identity is found in Jesus Christ as children of God. We have all we need in Jesus and He knows our true path.  I pray we can find comfort knowing that as much as we can plan for what we will be doing in our new season of life post-Fellows, our Father will direct our feet toward the direction that is best for us.   


Caroline Rice is a member of the Capital Fellows class of 2023-24. She is from Wilmette, IL, and is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. This year, she is working as an intern at Jill's House.


Pictures From The Week

Children’s Ministry Fellows helping at "Pancakes & Putt-Putt" Saturday morning at MPC! Dressing in PJs was a must. (Big thank you to the Children’s Ministry team and all the volunteers who served!)

Mary Palekas (Class of 2015-16 Fellow & Director of Children’s Ministry) with her son, Bo, at the Bananagrams station at “Pancakes & Putt-Putt."

Kicking off the first Commons of February with Valentine’s Day-themed desserts!

Megan having fun on the playground at Cornerstone last Monday.


Know a Potential Capital Fellow?

If you know a college senior or recent graduate who should consider joining the Capital Fellows program in 2024-25, please encourage them to get in touch with us. The easiest way to express interest in the program is through our Contact Us Form. You can learn more about the program, including application deadlines, by visiting the Capital Fellows website.

About Capital Fellows. Capital Fellows is an advanced leadership and discipleship program for recent college graduates. Through graduate courses, a paid internship, one-on-one mentoring, and many leadership and community service opportunities, fellows develop and apply their gifts in real-world situations while learning to integrate a Christian worldview into all areas of life. Capital Fellows is a unique opportunity to live and work in the Washington DC area and to be an active member of a supportive community that seeks to serve the city with the love of Christ. It is also a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience in the workplace while deeply exploring God’s design for us as workers and contributors to human flourishing.


Pray for the Capital Fellows

Thank you for praying for the Capital Fellows each week!

Fellows are starting in on the job search. Some are hearing from graduate schools for the fall. All of these things point to life after the Capital Fellows program, which is mostly good. There is also a temptation to become so focused on what's coming next that the fellows lose sight of the here and now. Please pray for them to remain mentally present in the coming weeks and months as we dig deeper into vocation, servanthood, community and leadership.

Want to pray for the current Capital Fellows in an ongoing way? Download this handy prayer guide for your phone or tablet.

Capital Fellows Class Brochure - for Phones
Download PDF • 1.18MB


About The Fellows Initiative

Capital Fellows is part of a network of similar programs across the country. This network is called The Fellows Initiative. There are 34 Fellows programs in TFI, roughly 3,000 alumni living around the world, and more Fellows programs on the way.

If you know a church in the US or Canada that would benefit from joining TFI by launching a new Fellows program. Please contact TFI by visiting their website.


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