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Glory Seekers

By Emily Costea

There are 4.3 seconds left on the clock. Puff Johnson passes the ball to Caleb Love, UNC’s star point guard, with hopes that he will drain a three to tie the National Championship game against Kansas once again, forcing overtime play. The shot is short. The season is over. The anticipation of glory, gone. In that moment, I was heartbroken, and I didn’t even go to college at the University of North Carolina. Let me explain.

You see, this funny thing happens between Fellows every year. A group of strangers first meet at a retreat center in August, knowing absolutely nothing about each other besides their hometowns, where they attended college, and what they majored in. By the end of the program, they become inseparable. It is both amazing and beautiful. Real, intimate relationships develop between people who are quite different and would typically have no business crossing paths, which in itself is a testament to God’s grace. It makes sense though. Fellows spend the majority of their time together, studying and discussing God’s Word, teaching Sunday school and tutoring students, sharing meals, praying for one another. We become invested in each other’s lives and even begin to care about the things our friends care about.

Despite having very different career interests, one of the Fellows, Madi, and I instantly connected over sports. She traveled to Charlotte, NC with me in the fall to watch Pitt football play in the ACC Championship and even repped the blue and gold with me! This spring, I had to return the favor. Through her, I became a UNC basketball fan. Throughout the season, I learned their alma mater, wore Carolina blue, memorized the names and numbers of the starting players, and even began to scream at the TV when the games got close. When UNC made it to the championship game, Madi and I decided to travel to Chapel Hill to watch the game with thousands of other fans at their home stadium. We rode the emotional waves of excitement, nervousness, hope, and defeat together.

When reflecting on our experience, we thought about how crazy sports fans are. We declare allegiance to a particular team and become physically and emotionally invested in their success. We feel like we are part of the team even though we are not. We love sports because we enjoy watching our team play and get to experience glory when they win. In short, we are glory-seekers.

If you’ve attended a Presbyterian Church for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard the first question of the Westminster Shorter Catechism, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer was ingrained in your memory.

Q1. What is the chief end of man?

A1. Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.

Just as sports fans declare allegiance to a particular team, Christians declare allegiance to God by placing their faith in him. When we confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord, we join his team, promising to follow him and allow him to rule in our hearts so that we may glorify him. The best part is that Jesus always wins, and our small victories here on earth are just a foretaste of what will be the greatest celebration of our lives. Our greatest gift, our chief end, is to find joy in God and revel in his victory forever. His glory is a glory worth seeking.


Recent Capital Fellows Pictures

Madi and I watched the championship game in the Dean Dome!

Dawson and I playing balloon volleyball with 3rd grade Sunday School

Camille and I hosted a painting party for our 5th grade Club 45 girls!


Become A Capital Fellow in 2022-23

We are now receiving applications for Season 16 of the Capital Fellows program!


IMPORTANT: SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY TO WORK AT MCLEAN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH - Most fellows work in the marketplace - for companies, nonprofits, government offices. We are also looking for a Worship Fellow to join our worship team at the church. This is a special Capital Fellows opportunity because you are not only paid a salary, but also your Capital Fellows program fees are covered as well!

The Season 16 program year runs from late August 2022 through mid-May 2023. If you are a college senior or recent graduate - or know someone that is - we would love to hear from you!


Pray for the Capital Fellows

Thank you for praying for the Capital Fellows each week!

This coming weekend, April 22-23, the Capital Fellows will join with close to 300 others for the 15th National Fellows Conference here in the Washington, DC area. This is the first time since the start of the COVID pandemic that the TFI Fellows community has been able to meet together for the national gathering. Please pray that this event is an encouragement and blessing to everyone involved.

Want to pray for the Capital Fellows throughout the year? Download this handy prayer guide for your phone or tablet.

Capital Fellows Class Brochure - for Phones
Download PDF • 1.36MB


Benefits of The Fellows Initiative

You probably already know that Capital Fellows is one of 32 fellows programs in The Fellows Initiative network. Capital Fellows benefit from our affiliation with The Fellows Initiative in many ways. One of those ways is that all Capital Fellows alumni receive a 33% tuition discount at Reformed Theological Seminary for 5 years. For more information, please contact us.

If you know a church in the US or Canada that would benefit from joining The Fellows Initiative by launching a new fellows program. Please contact TFI by visiting their website.


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