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When Strangers become Friends

By Mollie Bradford

We are one month into the Capital Fellows program, and we’ve already learned so much that I had a lot of trouble writing this blog post. I want to tell all of you about every single thing we are learning, from what it means to be images of God to how we have been vocationally called to love. Unfortunately, despite my four drafts, I can’t seem to fit everything in. Therefore, I will tell you about the overarching theme of God’s goodness to us.

We Fellows began this program without really knowing what we were doing. Sure, we had the facts and had talked to past Fellows about what to expect, but nothing is ever really real until you try it. So we bravely drove to our new homes, were thrust into a group of eleven strangers, and were told that this crazy cool program we had signed up for was beginning. But the Lord did not leave us in our anxieties and fears! He is so good!

These eleven strangers are now some of my best friends. The Fellows challenge me in ways I didn’t know I needed to be challenged, and love me in ways I didn’t know I needed to be loved. As our Reformed Theological Seminary class has gotten deeper and the Roundtable talks have gotten more vulnerable, we have had conversations and debates about almost everything. While at first scary to me, these conversations have led me to develop a deeper understanding of the Bible. God is and can do so much more than I give Him credit for! He has made such a beautiful story that we get to be a part of. In all of this, the Fellows have provided a safe space for me to grow and to learn. We pray for one another, confide in one another, and have some fun too.

My host family has shown me what it means to show true Christian hospitality, as God calls us to do in Romans 12. They have illustrated what it means to minister to others by opening one’s home to a perfect stranger. As soon as I walked into the house, I was met with excited hugs and an instant family. I was immediately included in their family conversations and activities and friend groups. After a busy day of Capital Fellows, it is so refreshing to come home to godly people who were praying for me even before I arrived.

He has shown His goodness in many more ways than this: in our internships, in our studies, and in our relationships. Working, learning, teaching, and volunteering in so many different programs is crazy busy and can be tiring, but it also reminds me everyday of the Lord’s presence in all areas of life. He is with us in our deep talks, in our jobs, and in geometry. If you want to know more about our classes and deep discussions about God, please ask any of the Fellows; we would love to tell you. For now, I hope you are reminded of and encouraged in God’s goodness. He will “never leave [us] or forsake [us]” (Deuteronomy 31:6), but will always be with us and work for good. What a gift! And what a good, good God.


Pictures from the Week

Capital Fellows Program Washington DC
Capital Fellows and the Capitol - Ha!

Capital Fellows Program Washington DC
William and Carter cooked some goooood Southern comfort food for Roundtable Monday night. I think we’re still full.

Capital Fellows Program Washington DC
Fellows debriefing after some great deep teaching from Dr. Fullilove.

Capital Fellows Leadership Development Program Washington DC
Tourism! Yay!


Did you Know?

Capital Fellows is one of 30 fellows programs in The Fellows Initiative. These programs are in churches and cities across the country, from Virginia to California. Please be in prayer for the more than 250 fellows and more than 45 program staff across the country this year, that God would bless them as they grow together in all the aspects of the fellows experience.


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