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Season 13: One for the Books

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

By John Kyle

The 13th year of the Capital Fellows program came to a close last weekend with an online celebration event. Season 13 has, without question, been “one for the books.”

COVID-19 caused half of our fellows to move home weeks before the program ended. We moved our classes and Roundtables online. We were not able to meet face-to-face. The job market has slowed down. We had to postpone our year-end retreat, and so on. COVID-19 certainly did impact the last two months of our year together. And we will never forget these things. Season 13 is one for the books, not because of COVID-19, but for even more important reasons.

Season 13 Got After It

From the first days together in August, the members of Season 13 showed themselves to be a fun and friendly group (link to early article). They shared their stories with one another and started the process of developing genuine friendships. As the year went on, they faced the challenges of post-college life with a willingness to explore who they are and what God is calling them to do in this world. They worked really hard and invested themselves in the lives of those around them. We watched them learn and grow toward the leaders we know them to be. We watched them love each other well in good times and in times of hardship. The efforts they have made and resulting growth we have seen in them, together, are one of the reasons that Season 13 is one for the books.

Jesus Showed Up

What is the biggest reason that Season 13 is one for the books? For me, it’s that Jesus showed up again – faithfully, patiently. As with previous Capital Fellows classes, Jesus was ever-present in Season 13. He showed himself to be Immanuel, God with us, in every aspect of life. He revealed himself as they dug into His Word. As they learned more about themselves and others, Jesus revealed something of his craftsmanship of the human being and his love for each of them as individuals. As they struggled with some of the big questions of life and the pains of a broken world, they found that Jesus is there as a loving Savior and a faithful friend that knows, deeply, of suffering. In each of these ways, and many others, Jesus has shown himself, faithful and worthy. In showing up, Jesus has made Season 13 one for the books.

My dear fellows – Carter B, Mollie, William, Nathalie, Laura, Amy, Esther, Brian, Carter R, Rachel, Sarah Frances, and Alex – thank you! Thank you for spending this year as a Capital Fellow. Thanks for making this investment of time and effort. Thanks for serving at McLean Presbyterian and Cornerstone School. You have inspired me this yearby who you are as much as by what you have accomplished. I can see Jesus working in you, and that is the source of great hope and joy for me. As I think about the future of the church, the workplace, and society, I am encouraged that you will be there, serving and leading. I am looking forward to seeing you in person at some point soon!


Season 13

Kickoff Retreat: Working through the Capital Fellows Box of Awkward (Patent Pending)

Season 13 on fire!

Welcome to BumpA, Virginia!


Benefits of The Fellows Initiative

You probably already know that Capital Fellows is one of 31 fellows programs in The Fellows Initiative network. But, did you know that the sponsors of TFI offer great benefits to Capital Fellows alumni? For example, Reformed Theological Seminary offers a 33% tuition discount for 5 years, and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary offers a 40% tuition discount! You can learn more about TFI's sponsors by clicking here.

If you know of a graduate school, seminary, employer, or other organization that would be interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact TFI by clicking here. Thanks!


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